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Kapu is a famous community in south India, found mostly in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and also resides in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Orissa, Maharashtra and Delhi. Kapu people speak Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Marathi. Kapu’s have a long tradition in villages and continuing even today. Most of the Kapus are depending on agriculture and business; some Kapus are well educated and well settled and few of them are participating in politics.

Most of the Kapus follow Hinduism but also belongs to Muslim and Christian religion. Kapu’s will give high priority to their marriages; Kapu marriages will be very rich and follow the rituals such as Mangala Snaanam, Terasalla, Kanyadaan, Jeelakarra Bellam etc. The marriage ceremony of the Kapu community is similar to other communities of Andhra Pradesh. On marriage day Kapu groom dresses in traditional dress of dhoti and shirt, Kapu bride dresses traditional saree in white or yellow colour. Register with Lallabi Kapu matrimony and find thousands of verified traditional, modern, beautiful Kapu brides and handsome Kapu grooms in India.

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